Baxter was the dog that turned me into a dog person. Before I didn’t know much about dogs. Now I cannot imagine life without a dog.

I don’t think just any dog could have converted me. I spent the first couple of months looking at Baxter and saying “You are sooo not a cat.” My #1 adjective for Baxter was “sweet”. That’s my shorthand for patient, kind, caring, and fun-loving. I used to have a favorite season, but I can’t remember what it was. Baxter taught me to enjoy all seasons (except sleet).

Baxter has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to the land of infinite sunshine, cookies, and someone who never tires of throwing the ball. I was blessed to share a quarter of my life with him — a gift I’ll always cherish.

I have been pondering the words of Lorien, the first sentient being in the world of the science fiction television series Babylon 5. An immortal, billions of years old, he muses:
To live on as we have is to leave behind joy, and love, and companionship, because we know it to be transitory, of the moment. We know it will turn to ash. Only those whose lives are brief can imagine that love is eternal. You should embrace that remarkable illusion. It may be the greatest gift your race has ever received.
My love for Baxter is eternal. Be well my friend.


Baxter pictures each year from 2004 — 2019

pictures of Daisy and Baxter


On Friday June 5th 2004 Paul and Andy drove to the Rainbow's End Kennel in Greene RI to pick up their 8 week old golden retriever puppy.

On the drive down they finally agreed on a name: Baxter.

This is Baxter's web page.



Picture of Baxter the Dog Baxter at 6 years

Baxter birthday

Choosing a pup

  • Some pictures from our visit to the breeder to pick out a pup. 

Baxter Facts


April 8th 2004 at Rainbow's End Kennel, Greene RI.